Wax Poetics Issue 18 (P-Funk) [Paperback Reprint]
Wax Poetics Issue 18 (P-Funk) [Paperback Reprint]

Wax Poetics Issue 18 (P-Funk) [Paperback Reprint]

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This is a print-on-demand paperback reprint of Issue 18 (Parliament-Funkadelic). Original 7x10 size, with original advertisements, near replica except for some corrected text.

Parliament-Funkadelic can hardly be summed up in a few sentences. Wax Poetics digs deep to trace the sprawling history of this supergroup, from its doo-wop roots to its freaked-out, drug-laden rock sessions, and finally onto the best-known (and best-selling) period of space boogie.

  • re: Discovery The Tips w/ Gary Jackson and the Soul Messengers, Belle Farms Estate, Junie Freeze, X-Clan, Mokie, J.J. and R.O.B.
  • Straight from the North Yo Gotti and the New Memphis Soul
  • Memphis Undergound Tape Hustlers on the Come Up
  • In Memoriam: Ronald Clyne (1925-2006)
  • The Connoisseur Brazillian Musician Ed Motta Has a Taste for the Finer Sounds in Life
  • Funk Used to be a Bad Word A Parliament-Funkadelic Primer
  • From Doo-Wop to Funkadelia Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas, and Fuzzy Haskins of the Parliaments
  • Mommy, What’s a Funkadelic? Original Player Billy “Bass” Nelson Gets to the Bottom of It
  • The Synthesizer Bernie Worrell was the Key to the Parliament-Funkadelic Sound
  • Comic Genius Artist Pedro Bell Explored Funkadelic’s Darker Dimensions
  • The Cincinnati Connection The Local Roots of Bootsy Collins and Kash Waddy
  • Trap Music Drummer Frankie “Kash” Waddy Stays on the One
  • From the Crib to the Coliseum Stretchin’ Out with Bass Legend Williams “Bootsy” Collins
  • Hit Man The Funk Mob’s Garry Skider and His Mighty Bop Gun
  • Bop Art Artist Overton Lloyd turned P-Funk Mythology into Fine Art
  • Brother from Another Planet The Cosmic Jaunt of P-Funk Leader George Clinton
  • Audio Heritage: An Archival Perspective on Recorded Media Lacquer Discs (Part 2 of 2)