Issue One Reissue (Paperback)

Issue One Reissue (Paperback)

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This is a near-exact replica POD reissue of Wax Poetics Issue One, originally published in December 2001. Some text has been corrected for accuracy, and there are a few Easter eggs, but generally it is identical to the original debut issue (warts and all). 80 pages. 


Turning the Tables on Bobbito
Library of Sound (NY record store the Sound Library)
WFMU Record Fair
Give the Engineer Some (Scotty Hard)
David Axelrod Profile
The Power of Soul (Idris Muhammad)
Make Checks Payable to Charles Mingus
Building Blocks (Ultimate Breaks & Beats)
Mindnumbing (Brainfreeze)
Backwash (Brainfreeze breaks comps)
Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow interview
Mr. Supreme Unearthed
Somewhere on the East Coast photo essay
Madlib: Tightlipped
On the Blackhand Side (Blaxploitation essay)
Outlaw Nation (essay)
Afronauts (poem)
Academic Archive: Volume 1
Home Improvement (record cubes)