Wax Poetics Europe 001 Special Edition

Wax Poetics Europe 001 Special Edition

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Please purchase from our European distributor Rush Hour.

In the summer of 2019, we teamed up with a European partner, holt&co., to publish a special edition, distributed throughout Europe (great record stores and boutiques everywhere). They were printed in the U.K. and are currently shipping out from Amsterdam. Please purchase from Rush Hour directly.



Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band • “Apache” (Issue 7)
Skull Snaps • “It’s a New Day” (Issue 15)
Dooley O Unearths the Skull Snaps Break (Issue 13)
Roy C • “Impeach the President” (Issue 47)
Manzel • “Midnight Theme” (Issue 4)
G.C. Coleman and the Winstons • “Amen, Brother” (Issue 24)
Melvin Bliss • “Synthetic Substitution” (Issue 42)


London Jazz Renaissance (new content)
Acid Jazz Records (new content)
Roy Ayers (Issue 7)
Gary Bartz (Issue 52)
Mainstream Records (Issue 46)