Issue 8 (Original Deadstock Copy)
Issue 8 (Original Deadstock Copy)

Issue 8 (Original Deadstock Copy)

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Original copy of Issue 8 from Spring 2004 with gold foil on the cover! Only 1 left! Condition: VG+

We were one of the first American publications to cover Danger Mouse; we would have broken him and The Gray Album, but Rolling Stone beat us to the punch by a couple weeks!


  • Brian Burton is… Danger Mouse Snatching Heads Back in Time!
  • Left-Field Americana Private Press LPs
  • Oliver Sain: Soul Renaissance Man
  • Academic Archive Volume VII: In the Basement at 78 RPM Down in the Basement: Joe Bussard’s Treasure Trove of Vintage 78s 1926-1937, 24 Rare Gems from the King of Record Collectors
  • So Free You Can Taste It An Interview with Nat Hentoff
  • In the Pocket with Eddie Bo
  • DJ Premier Takes it Personal
  • Music For Heartbeat and Landslide: Turntablism’s Alternate Tradition
  • People Talking Spoken Word records
  • Funk and Afrobeat in ’70s Africa
  • Blunted on Beats Madvillian is Madlib + MF DOOM
  • Check Your Bucket! Andrew Mason’s record column
  • The Saga of Wilson Simonal
  • Hangin’ with the Harmolodic Outlaw The James “Blood” Ulmer interview
  • Low End Theories Gift of Gab, Quannum, Danger Mouse, Sound Providers