Issue 5 (Original Deadstock Copy)
Issue 5 (Original Deadstock Copy)

Issue 5 (Original Deadstock Copy)

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 Bringing up the past in the present! Original copy of Issue 5 from Summer 2003.




  • Left-Field Americana LP covers
  • Academic Archive Volume V Revolution 9
  • For Sweet People From Sweet Charles
  • Funk Equation=Starks+Stubblefield, Part II: John “Jab’O” Starks”
  • Flyer Style
  • The Gig of the Universe: Joel Dorn and Atlantic Records Joel Dorn Reflects on his Stoned Soul Jazz Picnic at Atlantic Records
  • Yarns of the Yards and the Movie that Must Be Stopped: Style Wars
  • Escalator Over the Hill: Carla Bley and the JCOA Carla Bley and Jazz Dreams of Economic Freedom
  • Mr. Hot Buttered Soul: Isaac Hayes
  • Com Muito Ritmo: Agenda in Sao Paulo Adventures of Egon and Cut Chemist in Sao Paulo
  • The Stark Reality
  • Subject Matter of the ’80s: The Raw Dope Posse and T La Rock
  • How to Clean Dirty Records