Issue 23 (Original Deadstock Copy)
Issue 23 (Original Deadstock Copy)

Issue 23 (Original Deadstock Copy)

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Original Deadstock Copy: Sold As Is
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Street Songs was Rick James’s masterpiece, his ghetto symphony. The Stone City Band raps about the making of this historical funk document. Read some interview extras here. In our back-cover feature, Brian Coleman presents an oral history on New York hip-hop club the Latin Quarter. Buy the Playlist!

  • re:Discovery Jonas Gwangwa and African Explosion, Danser’s Inferno, Passport, The Buggers, Rafi Val y La Diferente
  • In Memoriam: Calvin Lockhart (1934-2007), Ronald Muldrow (1949-2007)
  • Old Soul Black Milk’s New Sound for the D
  • Audio Heritage: An Archival Perspective on Recorded Media
  • Ingrained Selection is Natural to DJ Shadow
  • Chocolate Star Connecting the Dots with Gary Davis
  • Brooklyn’s Own DJ Spinna Embraces His Block Party Roots
  • Ghetto Symphony Making Rick James’s Tour De Force Street Songs
  • The Master Drummer Chico Hamilton’s Nomadic Science
  • Disco Savant Avant-Garde Cellist Arthur Russell Deconstructed Dance Music
  • Francois Kevorkian on Remixing “Go Bang”
  • Band of Brothers Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Throws Hooks with Horns
  • The Godfather Reggae and Dancehall Don Bunny “Striker” Lee
  • The Latin Quarter Hip-Hop’s Celebrity Warehouse
  • Bright Time RAMP Finally Sees the Daylight
  • The Time is Now Sa-Ra Counts Down to their Debut
  • Music Works Thes One Finds Selling Points in Jingles