Issue 15 (Original Deadstock Copy)
Issue 15 (Original Deadstock Copy)

Issue 15 (Original Deadstock Copy)

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Original copy of Issue 15 from Feb/Mar 2006: Sold As Is
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The Mizell Brothers made Blue Note the hippest record label of the 1970s, even if it infuriated the jazz purists. Archie Shepp and the jazz avant-garde also had a knack for incensing the critics. We’ve got beautiful photos showing how real their movement was. And we finish up our talk with David Axelrod, who never got his own critical due.

  • re:Discovery The Sylvers, The Junkyard Band, Sidney Owens and North South Connection, Sir Victor Uwaifo and His Melody Maestros, Gershon Kingsley (Composer)
  • Three Times Deep DJ Cash Money is Deep Into Everything
  • Score Keeper Virtuoso U.K. Producer Nostalgia 77 Digs Homegrown Jazz Gems
  • It’s Their Turn The Skull Snaps Finally Catch a Break
  • Mama Don Dada Jazz Flutist Bobbi Humphrey Fights the Good Fight
  • The New Music Photographer Guy Kopelowicz and the Jazz Avant-Garde in New York and Paris
  • In the Ring With Producer David Axelrod. Round two.
  • Heavy Hands Jamaican Bassist Jackie Jackson Gives Birth to Rocksteady
  • 12×12 Disco Ladies
  • Stepping Into Tomorrow The Mizell Brothers Created a Soundtrack to the Hood