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Black Dynamite Soundtrack (LP)

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Black Dynamite (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Wax Poetics Records WPR008
Release date: October 20, 2009


Music supervisor David Hollander hand-picked each track and cue from the vast reservoir of 1970s British library music, originally created for film and television. Maestros Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett, and Johnny Pearson lay down exquisite and precise funk, but the bulk of the material comes from Alan Tew’s celebrated Drama Suite series (as heard on The Hanged Man and The People’s Court). Wax Poetics Records presents an authentic package with original artwork by Maceo Leatherwood.

Track Listing:
01: Helicop - Alan Tew
02: Drama Backcloth 3 - Alan Tew
03: Master Plan - Alan Tew
04: Scenechange 2B - Alan Tew
05: Drama Backcloth 2 - Alan Tew
06: Name of The Game - Brian Bennett/Alan Hawkshaw
07: The Detectives Interlude - Alan Tew
08: Scenechange 3A - Alan Tew
09: Prowler - Brian Bennett
10: Scenechange 8A - Alan Tew
11: High Diver - Brian Bennett/Alan Hakshaw
12: The Detectives Link 1 - Alan Tew
13: Spiv - Brian Bennett
14: The Detectives Link 2C - Alan Tew
15: Action In Memphis - Johnny Pearson
16: Thug - Brian Bennett
17: The Detectives Link 6B - Alan Tew
18: Sunny Side Up - Duncan Lamont
19: The Detectives Link 3 - Alan Tew
20: Eyes - Alan Tew
21: The Detectives Link 5B - Alan Tew
22: Dynomite - Sir Charles Hughes [Bonus Track]
23: Tropicola - Nino Nardini [Bonus Track]

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